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    2010 Hop Sprouts Update

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    Second year hops – hop sprout update.  My last post was April 8, 2010 and I had uncovered my hop sprouts because they were pushing up from under the leaf mulch.  I was waiting as long as I could because I am in zone 4 and frost free nights are over a month away.  That night:

    Subfreezing Hop Sprouts

    Hop Sprouts Survive Freezing

    The bottom right hand corner of the above pic shows the outside temperature of 27.9 degrees fahrenheit,  far enough below freezing to kill many plants.  They survived, no problem!  Hops are very hardy and established hop plants will survive.  I have friends that have lost newly planted hop rhizomes to freezing so I was a bit concerned – not to worry.  They went from albino buried hop sprouts to healthy hop bines.  Here are my Magnum hop sprouts (now hop bines), about 10 inches tall April 17, 2010.

    Hardy Magnum Hop Sprouts Thriving

    Magnum Hop Sprouts Survive Freezing Temps

    Newly planted hop rhizome sprouts may be susceptible  to freezing temps, not established second year hops.  At this rate, I am going to have an awesome harvest.  Barring a hard freeze, these hop bines will thrive!  I love growing hops!

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    2nd Year Hops Sprouts

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    Here in Minnesota the general date for frost safe planting is May 15th.  I kept my hop plants buried under leaves to try and keep the ground cold and the hop crowns dormant as long as possible.  I checked on them today (April 8th) and the hop sprouts were pushing up the leaves so I had to un-bury them.  Hopefully they won’t freeze (down to 32 degrees last night).

    Cascade hop sprouts

    Cascade Sprouts

    These are second year hops so I am expecting a much better yield than last year (about 3 pounds between the 3 hop plants – a good first year harvest).  I guess we’ll see if they freeze or not.  Even if they do, there will be new shoots to replace them.  Second year hops with an established crown / root stock and stored energy from last year.

    Nugget Hop Sprouts

    Early Sprouts

    I am still contemplating a new hop trellis rigging.  If nothing else, I will go with 2 ropes per plant instead of the one rope per hop hill used last year.  That in itself should at least double my harvest.  The established hop plants will have plenty of energy to support 6 bines per plant (3 per rope).

    Magnum Hop Sprouts

    Magnum Hops

    The sprouts look albino and growing sideways from being weighed down and have not been exposed to sunlight yet.  I will also have to trim the rhizomes to keep the plants from spreading in all directions.  I will cut a circle with a shovel about 8 inch radius from the center of the plant and pull out the hop rhizomes on the outside of the circle.

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