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    Undetermined Hop Malady

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    I have had healthy/disease free hops until this year.  This year my Magnum hops is suffering from some

    Hop malady effects on my Magnum hops.

    Hop Malady

    sort of hop malady (disorder or disease of the plant, especially one that is chronic or deepseated).  I have been unable to determine the culprit here.  I have researched many books and websites and have not come across any disease whether bacterial, viral, fungal or deficiency or pest that causes these symptoms.  One fairly thorough hop disease resource I checked did not have pictures of the symptoms I am seeing.

    The symptoms are, crumpled/misshaped leaves and shoot tips.  The closest I have come symptom-wise is  a boron deficiency.  I only found one product that contained any boron in it – it is Bonide Liquid Iron + micronutrients.  It contains magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc which should cover a few different possible deficiencies.  I had to try something.

    Yet to be determined hop disease or malady.

    Hop Malady - Which One?













    I sprayed all three of my plants (lost a Fuggle container hop over the winter) Nugget, Magnum and Cascade.  This seemed to help the Magnum somewhat.  There are sideshoots (laterals) coming out with what appear to be normal leaves (so far) – only time will tell.  The Nugget and Cascade hops have darkened leaves and the leaves are larger than they have been in the past – must have been at least partially deficient in iron or one of the other minerals.

    I also added kelp meal to the soil and top-dressed with compost from my composter hoping to address any and all possible deficiencies.  It may be too late – It is still growing (10 feet tall) but does not look healthy.  I am going to see how things turn out.  I may have to dig it up and start with a new hop rhizome next year – hoping there is no pathogen in the soil.

    The only thing that has been done out of the ordinary was a hop rhizome trimming this year.  That was a good month before any signs of trouble.  I did trim back all the shoots except 5 that I am training up the rope about a week prior to any signs of trouble.  The Magnum was about 5 feet tall and healthy before the leaves started to crumple (no discoloration of any kind).  Whether the rhizome trimming, the hop shoot trimming allowed a virus, bacteria or fungus into the plant, I don’t know.  It also has been cold and lots of rain (Black Root Rot?) before this happened.  I would need to dig up the crown to check for black root rot or pests possibly eating away at the root stock – I am not at that point yet.  There are no visible pests on the bines or leaves, if it is a pest issue, it would be underground with the crown/root stock.

    I will keep you all posted and any remote diagnosis from the pictures and history here would be appreciated.

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    Hop Sprouts 2011

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    Young hop sprouts.

    4/3/2011 Albino Magnum Hop Sprouts

    April 3rd I uncovered my hops as they were sprouting when I checked beneath the mulch.  I keep them buried in mulch to delay their sprouting as long as possible.  The reason for that is there are many freezes overnight until mid May in my area (Minnesota) .  The hops seem to ride out most of the freezes – I have not lost them to frost yet.

    They are albino white until they are uncovered for a day or two, then they take on purple/red stem and green leaves while they are small.  My previous post on hop rhizome trimming was a week after this picture was taken.  It has been a cold April here (so much for global warming) – this morning I had ice in my birdbath and the high today hit 40!


    Cascade sprouts 3 weeks afer breaking soil.

    Cascade Hop Sprouts

    Nugget hop sprouts 3 weeks old.

    Nugget Hop Sprouts











    Due to the remnants of the winter that wouldn’t die, these hops haven’t grown much in 3 weeks.  These hop sprouts have survived many frosts in the last 3 weeks.  I am hoping for average temps soon, the average highs are supposed to be in the 60’s – like I said, it peaked at 40 today – sucks.  Some of these bines are big enough to start training up the ropes.

    I have been reading of other peoples hops hitting 10 feet tall already – obviously not around here.  If the past is any indicator, these hop bines will be topped out by the end of the month(May).  I haven’t been lazy about updating this blog, just not much to report on yet.

    I do have one sad thing to report.  My Fuggle container hop plant did not survive the winter.  I do not have a root cellar or insulated garage to move it to for the winter.  I covered it with 4 – 6 inches of leaves and then buried the container in snow (we had a ton of snow this year).  I believe this was enough to insulate it from our 20 – 30 below zero winter temps, but one high wind day it blew the snow away from the container and left it exposed.  My hops in the ground handle it just fine.

    Container hops are not working well for me.  Aside from the Fuggle that froze to death this winter, I lost a Mount Hood to wind (50+ MPH) last summer.  Apparently this corner is not protected from the wind.  I think I am going to stick with my three amigos this year – Cascade, Nugget and Magnum.

    With a few weeks of sun, I should be able to report back that the hop bines have topped out again.  I hope your hops are doing well – if you are not growing hops, you should be.  Hop on!


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