Cascade Hops Harvest

    2 pounds of Cascade hops drying on a screen.

    2 Pounds of Cascade Hops Drying

    September 8th, 2012 I harvested the cascade hops.  I ended up with 2 pounds of wet hops – not really wet, just not dried off the bine.  I

    Cascade hop bines pre-harvest.

    Cascade Hop Bines

    dried them on a screen under a ceiling fan in an air conditioned house (low humidity).  I ended up with 12 ounces dry.  Past experience has been about a 75% reduction in weight from just picked wet  to dry.  These must have been fairly dry on the bine compared to other years.  If that ratio held true this year, I would have ended up with 8 ounces of dried hops.

    This year had an early start then a cold wet stretch, then a hot dry summer.  That probably accounted for the majority of hops being smaller in size.  Anyway, not a bad harvest from one plant (5 bines allowed to climb the rope).  The hops are very aromatic – smells great!  We’ll see how they impart their talents to an IPA or maybe an Imperial something – so many possibilities.

    This weekend I should harvest the Magnum followed by the Nugget hops.  I do not have as many Magnum this year as they came through in two flushes of cones (unusual).  The first flush was smaller and they are past their prime.  It wasn’t worth the effort of harvesting them for that amount of cones.  Hopefully the remaining ones will be enough for at least one batch of beer or ale.  The Nugget look a little lighter in yield from previous years – we’ll see once I pick them.

    Next update in about a week.  I also shot some video I still have to piece together and post.  Hope everyone else is having a great harvest this year.  Leave a comment how you’re hops are doing or did this year.    Anyway, Not a bad Cascade harvest.

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