Hop Bine Update June 26


    Still ahead of schedule with small hop cones on the Magnum hops and hop burrs on the Cascades.  The Nugget bines are fuller with quite a bit more foliage but no burrs yet.  The Nugget hops have traditionally trailed the other 2 varieties by at least 2 weeks so all is normal there.

    Progress pic for the 3 types of hops.

    We have had a lot of rain lately (not so much sun), but the hops are doing fine.  We have had record rainfalls and I worry the soil will be leached of nutrients again (potential deficiencies again).  I have a batch of compost about ready to top dress the soil again.  All the rain washed most of the previous top dressed compost away.

    I always get concerned about Downey mildew when it is wet for extended periods of time due to the rain and/or humidity.  The 27th, it is supposed to be tropical here at 95 degrees and high humidity (heat index of 104).  I have had issues with my tomatoes and cucumbers coming down with downey mildew – usually after most of the harvest so it isn’t as traumatic as losing a season of vegetables.  Not sure what else I could rotate in to try and “fix” the soil of mildew.  I do have a copper fungicide if it comes down to it.

    Downy Mildew UVM Blogs University of Vermont

    I shot a video and will have it here in a day or two.  I am new to making videos and will probably host it on Youtube.  Give me a couple of days to do it right.  Once I figure it out, I will be doing more videos and starting next year I can show all stages of growth from sprout to harvest.  Maybe even get fancy with the editing and splice together  and entire season in a fast moving video.  I can show soil preparation, rhizome cutting, harvesting and other details.  I’ll be back soon with the hop bine update video.


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    1. Andy,
      Thanks. I came into this not knowing a thing myself about growing hops. I read a bit, but learned more through doing. I do have a couple of hop growing friends but was not involved in the planting, care or rigging of their hop bines. Glad the blog helps – that’s what it is about, helping folks to grow their own hops.

    2. Andy says:

      Excellent… makes sense… I enjoy your blog in the way that is shows progression from year to year, helps give some visual confirmation that us first time growers might be doing something right.

    3. Andy,
      I currently have 5 bines per rope. Three per rope is generally recommended, 2 is good too. The bushiness is more of a result of being forth year hops than the number of bines. They will fill out more this year but next year you will have more growth. You are correct, they put a lot of energy into establishing their crowns or root stocks. That’s a good thing, you will be happily surprised what happens next year.

    4. Andy says:

      How many bines do you have climbing up the cable to get a bushy result like that? Just curious.. I have two bines per piece of twine on my first year hops, and not as much foliage, which I have attributed to the plant putting more into root growth in the first year.

      Thanks! love the blog!

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