Hop Cone Update August 26 2012


    The Cascade hops are full of hop cones.  They are still growing in size, most are about an inch long and will vary from one to three inches in length when ready for harvest.  The Magnum cones are are not as many as years past.  This weird growing season has affected them bigtime.  Maybe more cones will form yet, we’ll see.  The Nugget are loaded with hop burrs and small spikey cones, they will be full grown in 2 to three weeks.

    Cascade hop cones as of August 26th 2012.

    Cascade Hops Cones Galore!


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    1. Same test for each variety – when the majority of hop cones feel papery and squeeze easily, almost flat and bounce back when released, they are ready to harvest. If they feel cool, damp and do not squeeze flat, they are not ready. I harvested my Cascades 2 days ago – different in every area, climate and micro-climate. Hope this helps.

    2. Robin k. Imel says:

      I’m new. Please let us know when to harvest cascades. Thanks

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