Hops June 3rd 2012 Update


    The hops are already starting to produce hop burrs.  This is the earliest that has happened in the last 4 years of growing hops.  Mild winter and early spring have advanced their progress this year.  The first couple of years, the Cascade hops were the biggest, bulkiest hop bines.  The last 2 years, the Nugget hops have become the biggest hop bines – at least earlier in the season.

    Cascade and Magnum hop bines try to mix.

    Intermingling Bines

    Here is something to watch out for – hop bine intermingling.  It is a real pain trying to separate different varieties of hop cones when the laterals have intermingled.  That is why you keep a minimum of 5 feet between dissimilar hop varieties (doesn’t matter if they intermingle if they are the same variety).  See the Cascade hops on the right and the Magnum hops on the left have wrapped around each other at the tops.  I took a pole to separate them – I will have to keep an eye on these bines  and stay on top of keeping them separated.

    June 3rd 2012 hops update.

    Here is a video I stumbled upon about growing hops. It’s pretty basic but gives you an idea on how to grow your own.

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    1. Gladius says:

      Thanks for the clarification!

      BTW, love this site and your updates, keep up the good work.

    2. Gladius,
      I have no problem with my hops trying to get behind the siding. Hops actually do not have tendrils. Tendrils are a supporting structure for a vine, hops do not have these and that is why they call them bines. Hops support themselves by wrapping around things (twine, rope, fences, lattice…). The hop bines have stiff hairlike growth on their stems that help to hang onto what they wrap around. So the short answer is no, they will not cause problems with your siding in my opinion.

    3. Gladius says:

      Question: do you have problems with the hop tendrils working their way into every nook and cranny on your garage wall? I am considering establishing hops along the south wall of my house next Spring using a similar setup to what you have done on your garage, but the house has vinyl siding and I don’t want the hops wreaking havoc on the wall. Thoughts?

    4. Tony,
      It is late in the season for planting, but if you find a source of plants or rhizomes, they may have enough time to establish themselves this year. Not sure on the spacing for a fence cover – maybe 6 – 10 feet apart.

    5. Tony L. says:

      I have a long no climb horse fence five feet high. I would like to hide this with hops. Is that possible and is it too late to plant this year?

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