Nugget Hop Bines Top Out First


    Well I missed my prediction that all the hop bines would top out by the end of April.  As always, the unpredictable weather caused my prediction to not come

    Nugget hop bines top out first

    Nugget Bines Top Out

    true.  April turned out to be colder, cloudier and rained the majority of the month.  Our state needs the rain, I am not complaining.  Last night it poured like crazy and with the downpour, hail and wind, I was afraid of the damage to my hops.  The hops survived just fine, a few of my tomato plants were beaten to the ground.  My BBQ grill was moved 3 feet by the wind – it weighs over 100 pounds and was backed up to my house so it was a significant wind.

    Nugget hop bines sending out lateral growth.

    Nugget Laterals








    The Nugget bines topped out May 4th at 13 feet(roof height).  The Magnum bines were in second place at 12 feet.  The Cascade bines are in last place at 11 feet as of May 6th.  Another cloudy day here with Thunder showers predicted for today and tonight.  We are finally supposed to have some sunshine starting Monday and for most of the next 10 days (if the weatherman has it right).  10 days of sun will make the other 2 bines top out and start filling out with laterals (the Nugget has started putting out lateral growth).  Humulus Lupulus (hops) love a full day of sunshine.

    I should be able to update you with some pictures of filled out hop bines after 10 straight days of sun.  So far no pest issues.  Still dealing with deficiencies and I am treating them short term with spray on minerals and longer term by supplementing the soil with kelp and compost.  As always I try and stay as organic as possible – no pesticides, especially after hop burrs form.  Nothing sprayed on hop burrs or hop cones.

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    1. Vince,
      I love the pulley system – I would not be without it or a similar eyelet setup. The only issue is the lateral growth reaching across and winding around the downside rope. I usually have to cut that lateral growth between ropes so I can lower the bines. There are different ways to hide that downside rope so it isn’t an issue – run it through PVC pipe… Anyway the ladder time is minimal and you can re-raise the bines after harvest to collect energy for the next years growth or re-harvest the smaller hop cones after they have a chance to fully mature (multiple harvests).

    2. vince says:

      Question on your pulley system,

      Just wondering how you are liking the pulley system? I am thinking of doing that on the side of my house so I dont have to use a ladder to pick.

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