Early August Update



    Hop bines forming cones

    Nugget, Magnum & Cascade Forming Cones

    I have been tied up in other projects but figured I better get a hops update out to you all. The Nugget and Cascade bines have lots of hop burrs on them. The Magnum has pretty sizable hop cone strobile already. We have been colder and rainier than normal until July. Right now the temps have been hitting mid to high eighties. We are way behind on 90+ degree days this year.

    So the hops are about where they should be despite cold, cloudy, rainy first half of the season. I am hoping for a month of sun and high temps for my hops and my tomatoes and the rest of my vegetable garden. My veggies are all way behind because of the weather. Not to mention the deer have decimated about a third of my plants (they don’t touch the hops).

    August Nugget Burrs

    Nugget Burrs

    Early August Cascade hop burrs

    Cascade Burrs


    Magnum hop cone strobiles

    Magnum Hop Cones

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