Hop Bines June Update

    Magnum hops as of May 15th

    May 15th Magnum

    The June hops update as well as a couple intermediate updates is late as I have been busy this this year.  Anyway, so far not a stellar year as we had a long winter, late spring and colder than normal temperatures.  The sprouts were buried in snow a couple times – 8 inches in one snowfall!   This is year 6 and the Magnum seems to be the most prolific of the 3.  The Cascade is falling behind as the fullest bines as in the first few years.

    In addition to the cold temps, we are having record rainfalls last month and this month – 7 inches of rain in the last 5 days!  All this rain, colder than normal temperatures and cloudy days are holding the hops back.  They did make my minimum benchmark of topping their ropes by June 1st (by 2 days), so plenty of time to catch up and fill out like they should.  The center peak is 15 feet tall and the 2 side ropes top out at 13 feet. They actually topped out May 30th.

    After all this rain, I will have to top dress the soil with compost and maybe some fish emulsion to replenish the nutrients in the soil that are being leeched out from all the rain.  See Hops Boron Deficiency for my previous experience from deficient soil – the Magnum plant almost died from it.


    All 3 hop bines topped out their ropes

    May 31 Topped Out Bines

    I also shot a video I will add to this post later.  This blogging takes time (especially when you make a major edit and FORGET TO SAVE your work!).  I wasted a good hour on that one F up alone.  Anyway, enough whining and I will get the video edited and posted this weekend I hope.  Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how your hops are doing.

    Hops as of June 9th 2014

    June 9th Hops














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