April 19th Hop Sprouts Update

    Magnum bines at 3 feet tall.


    We had a few warmer than normal and sunny days this week.  About a month ago, the hop sprouts just broke ground.  Then it snowed and got cold again – not conducive to plant growth.  Anyway, the Magnum hops are in the lead at 3 feet tall.  The Nugget bines are in second at 2 and a half feet tall.  Finally the Cascade sprouts/bines are about 2 feet tall.From this point on, I should see a minimum of 1 inch a day growth and up to a foot a day in growth.  I am guessing they will top out (13 – 15 feet tall) by mid May or before.

    Nugget bines at 2 1/2 feet tall


    I am adding to my soil amendments  this year with Azomite powder – a volcanic rock dust with 67 major and trace minerals for plant growth.  Most soil is deficient in 1 or more minerals, this will help replenish the minerals.  I also use kelp for this purpose.  Soil gets depleted of minerals and must be replaced to supply plants of everything they need for optimal, healthy growth.  I also use a fish emulsion fertilizer for growth.

    The weather is supposed to be high in the low 50’s, lows around freezing and cloudy for the next 4 days so I don’t expect too much growth until the sun returns.  There you have it, a quick hops update.  Hopefully the next update will have some impressive hop bine pics for you.


    Cascade sprouts at 2 feet tall.



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