Hop Bines Grew a Foot in One Day!

    Three hop bines grew a foot in one day.

    Hop Bines Grew a Foot In 1 Day

    Saturday May 9th we had a sunny warm day.  I checked on the hops in the morning and later in the day, they grew about 12 inches!  I did not get up on a ladder with a tape measure to measure them. I used the usual estimate from the ground by counting siding boards – 12 inches each.  The tops of the bines were an additional board high since I scanned them in the morning!

    So far the only fertilizing I have done is sprinkle Azomite around each hop crown / root stock and foiliar feed and water the Azomite into the ground with a fish emulsion and kelp fertilizer in water.  Both are organic and apparently the hops responded very well according to their growth.

    These bines will easily top out by mid month, May 15th even though it is supposed to be cloudy and some rain the next 5 days.  The Magnum are currently 11 feet tall with 4 feet to the top to go.  The Nugget are also 11 feet tall with 2 feet to go to top out.  The Cascade hops are lagging at 8 feet tall and 5 feet to reach the top of their rope.  If any of the 3 varieties do not top out by the 15th, it will be the Cascade hops.

    Left to right are Nugget, Magnum and Cascade hop bines.  I will probably hit them with Miracle Gro once they top out(the one time I stray from pure organic fertilizers).  I will spread some more Azomite on the ground after a few hard rains and cover it with compost.

    Azomite minerals and fish emulsion with kelp fertilizer

    Azomite, Fish Emulsion and Kelp Fertilizer

    I will try to post in a couple weeks after the hop bines have topped out and they start sending out lateral growth.


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