Hop Sprouts March 2016


    The hop sprouts of all 3 hop crowns have broke through. 4 days ago they were covered with 8 inches of snow. The snow melted fast so it barely slowed them down. It hit 57 degrees today – not bad for the end of March. The average high this time of year is in the low 40’s so I’ll take it.

    Cascade hop sprouts just breaking ground.

    Cascade Sprouts

    Magnum hop sprouts just breaking ground.

    Magnum Sprouts

    Nugget hop sprouts just getting going.

    Nugget Sprouts

    This is year 8 for these hops, they are well established by year 3 so I am not concerned with them “making it”, they are well past those concerns. Hard to say what this season will bring, but we are off to an early start.

    As in years past, I will need to keep an eye on deficiencies.  Two years in a row a boron deficiency stunted and almost killed my Magnum hops.  I will make sure to top dress the soil with plenty of compost, kelp, Azomite and maybe a little boron.  I always add compost tea and other soil inoculants – beneficial  bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi for a living soil to aid in nutrient uptake.

    For those of you growing hops, best of luck.  For those of you not growing hops, why not?  Give it a shot, they are easy to grow.  How to grow hops from rhizomes <= click and learn.

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