June 25th Hop Bines Update


    June 25th and my thermometer says it’s 99 degrees. The tomatoes and hops are loving it. I gave the hops and my

    99 degrees on June 25th 2016 and the hops are thriving in it.

    6-25-2016 99 Degrees

    garden a boost earlier today with a foliar feeding of Miracle Gro LiquiFeed plant food. I generally feed them 2 of 3 times each year with the Miracle Gro to give them a boost. This is in addition to top dressing the soil around my hops, tomatoes, cucumbers and anything else I grow with compost, Azomite, kelp and fish emulsion.

    I have had to retrain several laterals back to their own ropes. Otherwise you get intermingling of varieties and makes hop cone harvest more difficult – near impossible to separate varieties once intermingled.


    Probably not much to report on until the the hop cones start showing.  So far the hop bines are healthy and no pest or deficiency issues.   I’ll keep you posted.

    Pic of the 3 hop bines on June 25th.

    June 25 2016 Hop Bines

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