May 15th Hard Freeze Yet Hops Are Going Strong


    May 15th, the day we are supposed to be able to plant our gardens.

    Another hard freeze here in zone 4, Minnesota

    May 15th Freeze

    Here in zone 4, it is supposedly frost free until fall. I lost 8 tomato plants, 6 cucumber plants, 4 bean plants… Sucks. At least my hops can handle it (and have survived many frosts since they broke ground this year).


    Nugget topped out, Magnum almost, Cascade 4 feet behind.

    Nugget and Magnum topping out.

    It has been well below average temps for a week now.  Despite that, the Nugget hop bines reached the top of their rope – 13 feet.  The Magnum are less than a foot from top of their rope – 15 feet.  The Cascade are lagging behind at 9 feet tall – 4 feet to go before they top out.

    Just waiting on some warm sunny days and these guys will fill out.  It was 50 degrees when I took this picture.  We have been averaging well below normal temps.

    We have another week of below average temps according to my weather app.  Summer will come sometime I hope.  Anyway the hops are healthy and once we get some decent weather they should bush out nicely.  Hoping for a good hop year.  Let us know how your hops are doing.

    About to give them some natural fertilizer and minerals to get them flourishing.








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