Tough Minnesota Hop Sprouts Survive Hard Freeze – Again


    Once established, hops are very hardy perennials. These hops sprouts easily survived 16 degrees fahrenheit (16 degrees below freezing – that is a hard frost).

    Hop sprouts easily survive a hard Minnesota frost.

    Hop Sprouts Survive a Hard Freeze

    Most garden vegetables won’t survive those freezing temperatures.  I am in zone 4 and the frost free planting date is May 15th for here.  These same sprouts were buried under 8 inches of snow just a couple weeks ago.

    So if you are in the northern most states, you can grow hops (unless you are significantly high up on a mountain).

    Cacade hop sprouts survived 16 degrees fahrenheit easily.

    Cascade Hop Sprouts

    Nothing but a thing to these guys.  This is year number eight for these hop plants.  The first year is the trickiest (but not difficult) to establish your hops.  The crowns aka root stocks are busy sending out a significant root structure.  I have read they can go down as far as 15 feet deep.  I have never dug them up to verify that fact so I just have to believe it.

    Once we get some warmer temperatures and some sunshine, these sprouts will become hop bines and at peak, grow up to a foot a day!

    I “only” have 13 to 15 feet tall ropes for them to climb – 13 feet on the sides and 15

    Magnum hop sprouts post freeze and showing no distress.

    Magnum Hop Sprouts Post Freeze

    feet at the center peak of my garage.  The are on the south side of my garage and receive lots of sun – they require lots of sun, fertile soil and something to climb.

    I have used the same rope 7 years in a row and going to use it again this year.  I leave it up all year long and it is still in pretty good shape.  I went way over spec by using 1/4 inch nylon rope rated for 500 pounds.  I don’t have to worry about breaking, rot or critters/insects eating it.  It was a good investment in my eyes.

    Hardy Nugget hop sprouts survive several hard frosts.

    Hardy Nugget Hop Sprouts











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