Hop Bines all Top Out

    Nugget, Magnum and Cascade hop bines top out.

    Nugget, Magnum and Cascade Bines Topped out

    My hop bine progress has not been reported timely and I apologize for that.  I am a couple days behind the hops all topping their ropes.  I have been pre-occupied with my mother’s passing and a dental issue (lasted 2 weeks ending with an extremely painful extraction), TV died and an auto breakdown…   Other than that, things are great (mostly, just heard my wife’s grandmother passed today – she is/was a wonderful individual).   These issues have distracted me from my timely reporting of the hop’s progress.  Just giving some perspective to the gaps in posting.

    Anyway, enough excuses, I am posting that all 3 hop varieties have topped their ropes today (Cascade  hop bines being the last to top out).  So far it has been a varied season.  Several days above average temps, several days below average temps and currently cold and cloudy.

    The Magnum and Nugget bines (the first to top out about a week ago) are sending out lateral growth (branches/filling out).  Hopefully we will get back to normal temps and sunshine so the hops can flourish.  It has been raining and way below average temps for a week straight now and the hops and me could use some sunshine.  I will need to fertilize again as the 6+ inches of rain this last week probably leached some nutrients from the ground.


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