Hop Bines Top Out

    Hop bines reach the top of their ropes

    Hop Bines Top Out

    May 29th the Magnum hops reached the top of their rope (15 feet tall).  The cascade and Nugget hop bines reached the top of their ropes May 21st (13 feet tall).  I predicted by June 1st this would happen and apparently nailed that guess.

    This is the second year for these hops.  The first year is fun to watch how fast the hop bines grow, but that’s nothing compared to the second year.  The first year a lot of the hop plants energy goes into establishing the root stock also known as the crown.   By the second year, the crown is established and the sprouts come up earlier than if you planted hop rhizomes.

    My hop sprouts survived a few frosts where tomatoes would have surely died.  Hops are hardy once established.  I lost a Mt. Hood hop plant I had planted in a container this spring.  We had some 50 mph winds and it snapped them right off – the rhizome apparently couldn’t handle it – no more hop shoots / sprouts replaced them.  They probably would have survived if I had them trained on a rope.  They were about a foot long and I had not yet decided where to trellis them.

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    1. Jay,
      Sounds like we had similar weather, warm April and a not as nice May. I lost a Mount Hood container hop to high winds. A couple days ago I took some damage from some heavy hail – just a couple of side shoots broken off (as far as I can tell at this point anyway).

      Sounds like it is going ok for you. The irrigation is key with the scope of what you are growing – congrats. Depending upon if you want/need hops this year, some let them grow on the ground the first year to gather energy for the next year. If you want hop cones this year, get a trellis up, even a crude or temporary one. If you get a couple of weeks of sun, you know how fast they can grow.

      Thanks for the update. Keep us posted and best of luck!

    2. Jay says:

      GH – You’ve done it again my friend! Look at those side shoots already!!! Nice! May was certainly a crazy one in Ontario. While we were spoiled in April, (prior to my rhizomes arriving) May saw 3 frosts in a matter of 5 days, extremely high winds and very little sun until late in the third week….then, last week and a half of May we got really humid, hot sunny weather with no rain for almost 3 weeks. Fortunately I got the irrigation system running and the short bursts of watering has helped these first year rhizomes out. We have now had some rain in the last couple days and temps are back to norm for the time of year. I have yet to get the full trellis system built, so I have to say I am thankful that grow has been limited to the 1-4 foot range. (I almost forgot how slow those first couple feet are on first year’s)The reality is that I’m probably 3-4 weeks ahead of last year. I’ve temporarily staked most plants with bamboo tomato stakes and hope to finish of the trellis in the next week or so. Fuggles, Nugget and Mt Hood lead the way, with the Goldings growing VERY slow (these were tiny rhizomes) and some still in the 3-4 inch range!! Probably no Goldings hops this year….but I prefer Fuggles anyway. Still, feeling a lot better about this year’s prospects….thanks for the great blog. J

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