Hop Cones


    Hop cones are forming from the hop burrs nicely.  It looks like it will be a staggered hop harvest which is ok by me.  The Cascade hops are the most mature and abundant followed by the Magnum and the Nugget hops are still burrs.

    Nugget Hop Cone Burrs

    Nugget Hop Cone Burrs

    From spiney hop burrs to hop cones, this is what it is all about.  These hops are loving the sunshine and thriving.  I can’t wait to see what they will do next year!

    Baby Magnum Hop Cones

    Baby Magnum Hop Cones

    I am definately going to use a different hop trellis system next year.  The hop bines are not producing lateral shoots and cones where they are wrapped around the hose hangers.  It was worth a try but not producing any additional hops cones.

    Baby Cascade Hop Cones

    Baby Cascade Hop Cones

    I will be doing more research this fall and winter for hop rigging / hop trellis ideas.  Trying to figure out an easy way to spiral the ropes and provide additional hops bine length for my limited vertical area I have along side of my garage.

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    1. Congrats on your second year hops! Sounds like they are healthy and going crazy (like they do when they are healthy). As long as the hop bines are still growing or producing hop cones, I would keep watering them. Do the hops squeeze easily and bounce back to the original shape? They should squeeze easy and be papery feeling and light and slightly lighter in color when they are ready to harvest. You can also pick one and cut it in half and you should see yellow lupulin.

    2. PKM says:

      Very informative… thank you. This is my second year and the vines have absolutely gone wild. They have grown over 24 feet in length and have moved up the side of the house and onto the roof. I am interested in HARVEST information. Mid August here in Oregon and I have both Nugget and Magnum hops. Do I keep watering the plants? The hops are full, still soft, and papery. Is this the best time to pick? And do I separate them from the vine by hand or just shake?
      Sorry for the questions. Any information is appreciated. Thanks from Portland, Oregon.

    3. Not sure if 2×4’s work well with hop bines – may be too big around. The fact that they are smooth may not allow the bine hairs to hook into the wood. I would do constant training of the bines around the 2x4s and/or find a way to string twine or rope and start to train the bines on that. Rope seems to work best, small diameter and allows the bine hairs to dig in to hold on.

      I have been fortunate with my first year hops. I did prepare the soil the previous fall and I believe that has a lot to do with how well they are doing. They also have a southern exposure and receive direct sunlight most of the day (good also).

      Hope this helps. Best of luck and next year will be even better!

    4. Evora93 says:

      I’m so happy to find your blog. This spring I planted hops for the first time, and I don’t know what to expect. Thanks for including the pictures. Our trellis is made of smooth wood (salvaged 2x4s)and the bines are falling back on themselves. Do the bines need a rougher wood to climb on or rope?

      There are some cones on the bines, but nothing like what is in your pics, and no lateral shoots. I planted Cascade and Willamette.

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