Hop Sprouts Buried In Snow


    Four days ago I uncovered my hop sprouts from under a few inches of mulch (grass clippings and leaves).  We just had 4 and a half inches of wet snow here   It’s a delicate balance of protecting them or letting them be smothered – you can’t wait too long to uncover them.  One year I waited too long and the sprouts were growing sideways and were albino white instead of the red/purple color that is normal.  They did seem to recover but subsequent sprouts were healthier.

    Snow covered hop sprouts April 11th, 2013.

    Snow Covered Hop Sprouts – April 11th 2013

    This is the first year I have had them snow covered.  Every year they are subjected to several hard freezes overnight, 25 degrees fahrenheit and they survive just fine.  That would kill many garden vegetables and that’s why we generally don’t plant vegetables until May 15th here in zone 4.  I was debating whether I wanted to cover them again with mulch or buckets.  I wanted to see if they would survive the snow.  They are well established (fifth year hops), so even if these sprouts die off, there will be more to replace them.  So I guess I will find the answer shortly.

    If these were from rhizomes just planted this year, it would likely be fatal to the rhizome.  There is only so much energy stored in a rhizome and a good chance they would not send up any more sprouts.  Had these been planted just this year (a little early for here), I would have definitely protected them.  Nature is predictably unpredictable so you have to always be aware of the weather.  Anyway I will keep you posted on whether these sprouts survive being snow covered or not.  If not, I will let you know how long it takes for new sprouts to appear or worst case, death of the hop crowns (I doubt it).  Stay tuned!

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    1. bristela says:

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. The bamboo nails occurred to me on the spot as I didn’t have anything else. Necessity being the mother of invention and all. All four of my rhizomes now have shoots above ground, so full steam ahead hopefully.

    2. Grow Hops says:

      Thanks, my hops will be fine. More snow the next 3 days… Good to hear you had luck growing hops in Texas. A lot of people ask me if it is possible, but until recently, I had not heard of anyone successfully growing that far south. Sorry for your loss (Tx hops). You should have better growing conditions in the DC area I would think. Keep us posted. I’ll stop by your blog when I have time – glanced at it – bamboo nails are a new one on me. Best of luck.

    3. bristela says:


      Just found your blog through the Home Brew Talk forum. Best of luck with these hops and particularly the snow.

      As it happens I’ve my own hop growing blog (hopstarter.blogspot.com) but in very different climes. Last year (my first) was in Houston, Tx and I’m now in the DC area. Was amazed how well the hops grew in Houston, just a shame I had to leave them behind. I have high hopes for more/better now I’m further North

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