June 8th Hop Bines Over The Roof


    All 3 hop bines reached the top of their ropes June 4th – a little behind schedule. This is due to the cloudy, cold and rainy weather we have had all spring. They are now well past the top end of the ropes and the Nugget and Magnum are reaching above the roof and the Cascade hops are climbing up the underside of the roof. They will continue to do this until their unsupported weight becomes too much and will weigh them downward. They will stop growing vertically (downward) at this point and focus their energy on filling out sideways and start to produce hop cones.

    Two of the 3 hop bines are climbing over the roof (temporarily).

    Hop Bines Climbing Over The Roof

    These are fifth year hops and should be at the peak of their hop cone production (usually by the 3rd year they are at or close to peak production). Last year was a bad growing season for hop cones for me anyway, the weather was all over the place. You can check out the posts from last year for that story fourth year hops ( I just realized I misspelled fourth for the category – DOH). You can also click on the sitemap link up top in the header for access to all the posts from before I had even planted these hops (ground preparation up until now).



    You might have noticed I am using white nylon rope for the hops to climb. The rope is way over spec as far as what they can support (I believe it is something like 900 pounds). The reason I chose it is it is cheap, readily available and no worries on rope failure and it is rot/mold resistant. I have been using the same rope for 5 years now. I leave it up all year round and it shows no wear and tear. The fewer times I have to get up on a ladder the better (I have a fear of landing, the fall doesn’t bother me, it’s the landing I dread). That’s it for now, I have a graduation party to go to. Leave a comment and let us know how your hops are doing.

    Hop on!

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    1. Grow Hops says:

      Yeah, I had to take a stand to get the side of the garage (between the wife’s prize Peonies). I had a couple of bines along the back of our house that she really didn’t like. One died – weak rhizome and one was whipped to death in 50-60 mph winds during a thunderstorm. Thanks for the complement.

    2. Jan says:

      OK, thanks a lot for the advice!!!

      I may give it a go. It definitely just would be novelty value. Having such a small place I think the toughest challenge is going to be convincing the wife!!! 🙂

      Fantastic blog by the way, I will be back for more.

      Many Thanks

    3. Grow Hops says:

      It could be done but you would not get many hop cones, especially the first year. You can always dry hop with store bought hops – wet hops you need your own or a source near by. You can still try it if you wish for the novelty. If you try it, use a good size / container or pot (5 gallon or bigger).

    4. Jan says:

      That looks amazing.

      I have been thinking of growing my own hops myself. The only problem is that I only have a small balcony (I live in an apartment, the balcony is about 2m x 10m – 6′ x 30′) would it be worth the time and effort if I grew a small batch just to use for dry hopping?

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