Hop Plants for Sale

    Grow Hop Plants from Hop Rhizomes or Garden Center Hop Plant

    Grow Hop Plants from Hop Rhizomes or Garden Center Hop Plants

    Grow hops from hop plants!  I was shopping for some flowers for my mother (Mothers Day) and I stumbled across some Nugget hop plants (humulus lupulus) for sale!  These were 2 to 3 feet tall and doing better than the ones I planted from rhizomes almost a month ago.  This was in the parking lot of our local Cub Foods (Cub Foods parking lot greenhouse).  I have never seen hop plants for sale before at a garden center.

    Hop rhizomes are getting hard to come by these days (out of season) so there is still the possibility to get some hop plants in the ground this year.  Nugget was the only variety this particular plant shop had available but it gives hope to finding other variety hop plants in the garden centers.  I thought I would pass this on for folks who still want to grow hops this year.

    I have come across a place that sells hop plants online (not hop rhizomes).  If you want a bit of a jump on the growing season. – 30 varieties of hop plants 48 US states.

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    1. Lisa,
      Personally I would never buy/use hop seeds. Only female plants produce hop cones and male plants are not needed to fertilize the strobiles/flowers to produce hop cones. Any male hop plants produce zero cones and fertilized hop cones are less desirable than unfertilized cones. You also have the possibility of cross breeding plants (uncontrollably). When you buy rhizomes, they will always be female (unless advertised otherwise, but I have never seen male rhizomes advertised).

    2. Lisa Rabenaldt says:

      I have seen Hops Seed for sale. Will that work or must you use rhizomes?

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