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    It’s that time of year to get going on ordering rhizomes if you have not already.  I am in Minnesota so our soil is still frozen and will be for another month.  Hop rhizomes are hardy so they can be planted before most plants in Minnesota (once the soil thaws).  In Minnesota, May 15th’ ish is the generally the frost free date for most plants.  Hops can handle frost (rhizomes will be underground for a bit once planted and are more “northern climate” tolerant than most vegetables and other plants.

    I will be chronologically documenting this years hop garden from rhizome to harvest (if any the first year).  They should be arriving soon and I will document the life cycle of this years planting.   This batch of beer hops will be Nugget, Magnum and Cascade hops.  Two high alpha (bittering) and one aromatic (cascade) – there is crossover with bittering and aroma with hops but they are generally under those classifications.

    More to come soon!

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    1. hoppy mike says:

      Second year growth for me. My Mt Hood is 7 ft tall now, southern exposure. Others average around 3ft. Located in cold Montana but doing great, vines have survived 25 degrees.

    2. rald-in-mt says:

      in AZ I would reccomend LOTS of mulch an drip irrigation.. plenty of water.. especially year 1

    3. Moose,
      I was in AZ last week for my son’s wedding (Scottsdale at the Troon Country Club). I stayed with my daughter and husband and my 2 grandkids in Mesa (small world huh?). Beautiful this time of year there. I am interested how your hops do in AZ. Keeping the containers out of the sun and surface mulched should protect the roots from baking and drying out. Keep us posted. Best of luck.

    4. Hey Chad,
      I sent you an email where I got my hop rhizomes from (Northern Brewer who gets them from – might as well go straight to Anyway, I have been asked a lot where to buy hop rhizomes so I am compiling a list. This is late in the season so get them fast. About half of the hop rhizome sources are done for 2009 already. You want them in the ground soon – worst case if they all sell out, find a local hop grower (homebrew hop growing enthusiast and talk them into digging up a couple rhizomes for you). I will have a new post today with a list of where to buy hop rhizomes.

    5. Moose says:

      Another first year grower, but I’m in Mesa, Arizona. Got my Willamette and Chinook in the pot (HUGE Pots)in early april. They’re 12″ and trained to the vine already. I did a sun survey of my yard and found a great place to put’em where the pot doesn’t get too much sun and cook the roots, but enough long sun for the bines to grow. They have already had a few days near 100 and did very well.

    6. Dener77 says:

      Hey “Growing Hops”. I live in Eden Prairie and decided a few days ago that I wanted to grow hops along our fence. I stumbled on this site and was curious where you ordered your rhizomes from?


    7. Jay,

      Looks like some down to earth brewers at the Church Key Brewing (I would love to tip a few there someday). Glad you found a peated barley that hits the mark. Now you have to source it (maybe the brewery would sell you some or provide their source?). Sounds tasty!

      Just checked and my Magnum has a single 2 inch shoot so far. The Nugget has 2 shoots just breaking ground. I cleared away the leaf mulch as tomorrow it is supposed to hit 80 degrees here! Then back to the 50’s 🙁

      I’ll post pictures and a few words tomorrow – hopefully the exposed dirt and sunshine will get all 3 hop rhizomes sprouting – Nugget, Magnum and Cascade.

    8. Jay says:

      cool. I visited this brewery east of here in an old church

      Sampled their ‘Holy Smoke’….really nice….apparently the peated barley comes right from Scotland. Now that’s what I need!!!
      My Jumbo Fuggles Rhizome is putting up a bunch of shoots IN THE PLASTIC BAG in my cellar…Gotta get these babies in the ground!
      Any shoots yet on yours?

      I send some pics when I get them planted.

    9. Now peat smoked I’ve heard of (that “experimenting” will get you every time, especially scotch – LMAO). I’ll ask around about a strong peat smoked barley. Dogfish Head is good! I don’t have a mechanism to post pictures from outside of the admin functions on the blog. If you have pics and/or a story, Just send it to and I can post it if it fits the growing hops / homebrew theme.

    10. Jay says:

      I just read my post. that should read ‘peat-smoked’. sorry, i am a scotch drinker and have been experimenting, but most of the peated barley is fairly weak in flavor…..just looking for a strong peat/smoky flavor.

      Anyhow,nice to see you’ve planted. keep me posted and i’ll do the same. how do post a pic on your blog?

    11. Hey Jay,
      Super Pear-smoked barley? That’s a new one on me (sounds interesting!). I take it you like manly beers/ales – porters? Me too. None of that watered down carbonated water crap for me – if it doesn’t challenge the palette, why bother . Zeus is not for the weak! I am an IPA/double IPA guy myself. Hop heads unite!

      A former cow pasture should work great for hops – as long as any manure has had time to decompose and mellow.. Where abouts in Canada are you? I took a chance for Minnesota putting the rhizomes in the ground April 11 – probably a half dozen hard frosts yet this spring. I think they will be ok, check back and I’ll let you know. My garage is only 16 feet tall. I saw a method/technique where once the bines get close to the top of your pole/roof/pulley… you let down some rope/twine and loop it off the ground to the pole or against the building you are up against, then let it continue climbing, lower it once it nears the top again and you’ll have up to 40 feet in bine length, with a sixteen foot pole or pulley. I’ll let you know how that works too. Pics and everything.

      Best of luck. I am very interested in your setup and how it goes (good or bad) – keep me posted.

    12. Jay says:

      hey guys. i’ve not been known for biting off less than i can chew……off topic question. anyone every used super pear-smoked barley? i can’t find anything potent enough for my purpose……spent the easter weekend tilling ground that has only been cow pasture before. 25 x 100 ft…this will be part of my rotational chicken coop/vegetable garden that i borrowed from …
      This is where my rhizomes will go this year, because we probably won’t be able to fill up 2500 sqft with tomatoes this year. i made a mistake, it’s not crystal or challenger i got, it’s “zeus” – i bought some whole hops in this variety too and their almost 17% alpha acid….ridiculous. has anyone broke ground with shoots yet? it was minus 3 C last night, so i’m a little nervous about planting yet. i also need to determine where they’re going in the garden b/c they will produce some shade. I still have to get a trellis system erected….no brewery in the near future….at least not for public

    13. Good luck Shawn. Cheers to a great hop growing year. Hoping to get my hop rhizomes in the ground this weekend.

    14. A bit ambitious? Well Best of luck to you. Sounds like you’ll need help harvesting in a couple of years. Not a bad problem to have. Break out some home brews and you should be able to round up some hop harvesting help.

      I am interested in how it goes for you. I’ll be documenting my 3 varieties this year ( Magnum, Cascade and Nugget. I would love to see some pictures of your crop and hear what works and doesn’t work for you. I will do the same. What’s next? A brewery?

    15. Jay says:

      I’m a first year grower too. I hope we can share some info and have success!! I may have went a bit overboard to start, but I would like to do an acre in 2010, as we recently bought a farm in central Ontario. I have Fuggles, Goldings, Cascade, Nugget, Crystal, Hallertau, Mt Hood and Challenger. I figure I should be able to produce pretty much any style I want from these varieties, but I’m using doing a english bitter or ‘west coast type IPA.
      Thanks guys,

    16. Shawn says:

      I just got mine in the ground here in North East Ohio.
      This is my first year growing them.

      I’m hoping on a good year.
      I got a Cascade from my friend Jason here.
      I also got a Fuggles and a Golding.

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