Planting Hops in Minnesota

    April 4, 2009 - WTF?

    April 4, 2009 - WTF?

    Planting Hops

    Ok, I am from here and know better, but damn, we have had a couple of 60 degree days – 55 the previous day then this.  Generally the frost free time of year for here to plant your garden is May 15th.  Hop rhizomes are hardy but the new bines won’t be able to take a hard frost.

    I have the soil prepared since last fall on the south side of my garage, it is protected and receives sunlight all day long.  It is the only garden space I have right now that isn’t frozen ground.  I was figuring on getting the rhizomes planted and mulch about 4 inches over them to maintain the cool soil temps and delay the shoots from breaking ground.  I get nervous about the hop rhizomes developing mold or fungus – and sometimes my refrigerator will freeze items in the back (where my family tends to push things they can’t or don’t want to eat).

    Well, I am going to wait a bit, do a little more research and determine the best time to plant hops for my area.  I guess I will hit a hop growing forum or 2, double check with a couple of my Minnesota home brewing, hop growing friends and see if my theories hold out.  One friend of mine planted too early last year, the new bines froze and died and the rhizome was done – no other shoots from this hop rhizome.   Next post, when they are in the ground.

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    1. Ed Kellerman says:


      I live in northern Wisconsin too. What kind of hops did you grow and how did they turn out? I know it takes a couple years to get them going but I want to plant them ASAP. I heard Cascades do well in our region.



    2. Rachel says:

      My husband couldn’t wait so he planted our hops in pots a couple days ago and put them in the window. THEY CAME UP IN ONE DAY! I have a feeling they will be wrapped around my curtain rods by the end on the month. We’re in Northern WI.

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