Where to Buy Hop Rhizomes


    Where to Buy Hop Rhizomes

    Updated for 2017 – Where to buy hop rhizomes and hop plants.

    Most hops rhizomes ship in March.  Order now so you don’t miss out!

    I have been asked over and over so I figure I would just put together a post and answer the question of where to buy hop rhizomes online.  I got my 2009 hop rhizomes from a local homebrew store Northern Brewer (ordered online even though they are local – still 20 mile drive).  As it turns out, they get their hop rhizomes from www.freshops.com.  You might as well go straight to freshops.com and cut out the middleman.

    You can sometimes find a local homebrew shop or hop grower selling rhizomes. Generally, online buying is more convenient, better selection and you can compare shop.  Don’t forget friends and other local hop growing enthusiasts, they may be willing to part with some rhizomes.  Barter a couple of homebrews to your friends that are growing hops for some hop rhizomes!

    There is still plenty of time to order and get some hop rhizomes or plants in the ground.  Yes, some of these sites sell hop plants which will give you a bit of a head start.  If one of these vendors is sold out, try the next one.

    It’s 2017  Let’s Do It Again!

    Where to Buy Hop Rhizomes Online:


    www.homebrewing.org  – AIH, Adventures in Homebrewing – great prices.

    www.thymegarden.com The Thyme Garden has been growing hops for over thirty years organically. We are offering over 20 varieties for pre-order right now. We’ve added an Information About Hops page and a Complete Hop Chart with descriptions, subs, uses etc. to our website. There are videos on info page explaining how to plant rhizomes including our two year old rhizomes.

    www.willamettevalleyhops.com – Commercial orders only – We offer hops and hop rhizomes. All product grown and obtained from generations old Willamette Valley, Oregon hop farms.


    Highhops.net – 53 varieties of hop plants 48 US states


    www.gorstvalleyhops.com (Hop Plants lots of 6 to 100+)


    RNV Enterprises Yakima Valley – Vickie.rhizomes@yahoo.com



    www.fourhorses.ca <== Canada Hop Rhizomes




    www.greatlakeshops.com/shop-now.html <== Hop plants


    There are more hop rhizome sources, this is what I found Googling “buy hop rhizomes” and supplied links from readers.  If anyone has a hop rhizome vendor they have used and are happy with, let me know and I will include it in this list.  There you have it, not much time left to get your hop rhizomes planted for the 2009 growing season(now 2010).


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    1. Melanie,
      Thanks for your input. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Even though it is outside of the prime growing area between 35th and 55th latitudes, I have heard from people growing hops in Arizona, Texas, Florida and now right at the Mexican border! Go for it people – grow your own hops.

    2. Melanie says:

      Yes, you can grow them.
      As long as you have a light shade cloth that will still allow light to pass through it. And water it when the soil is almost dry or just slightly damp.

      I’m at the Mexican border – we have over 500 plants.
      Good luck!

    3. Cascade seem to do well in a lot of different areas. If I hear of any other varieties that do well in your climate, I will let you know. Any southerners have any hop variety suggestions?

    4. Roger Joseph says:

      I am going to try growing hops in Northwest Arkansas. Do you have any suggestions for a good hearty variety for this area of the country?

    5. Kris,
      Summit hops are a patented variety – like Amarillo, Simcoe… – not sold to the public. That is why you can’t find them.

    6. Kris Monzel says:

      I’d like to try a test plot of 20-30 Summit rhizomes on low trellises in 2016, but I’m having a hard time finding them. Any ideas? None of the sources on your list have them.


    7. Stephen,
      I am not certain if it is possible where you are at. Generally hops grow at latitudes of 35 – 55 although some have had success in Texas and Florida. I would try and find out how those folks do it, what varieties and any tricks they may employ. Sorry I don’t have any definitive answers for you. Try a few bines, maybe in partial shade if possible. If I find any info on this, I will let you know. Here is an excerpt from a southern California grower “I’ve heard that desert growers shouldn’t use raised beds as they dry out too fast. Maybe amending the soil with water-holding organics would help (I know peat moss can be used for this but it also acidifies soil levels so watch PH and go sparingly). Drip irrigation would be a must in my opinion. Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial are probably good choices for the hot dry climate. My Chinook plants in SoCal get blasted by full sun all day in raised beds and they do fine even in Santa Ana winds if I keep them hydrated. Start soil prep now and give thought to the trellis system before you get them in the ground…” from http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=235895

    8. Stephen lacock says:

      Want to grow hops as a retirement/bonus hobby.Live in the southwest( Mohave desert) I can grow a perfect potatoe in this heat, the pH is good and plenty of sun. Is there a hop heardy enough to take 120 DG.days?

    9. Ben, Sorry I don’t have any hop rhizome sources for Europe to list as of now. There are strict agricultural laws regarding the import/export of plants. Try a local search like “Kosovo hop rhizomes”.

    10. Ben says:

      Hi Admin,

      You did a grate job with the page! Im interesting to buy Hops Rhizomes in Europe. My location is Kosovo. Which web. page are you preferring for me?


    11. The Thyme Garden has been growing hops for over thirty years organically. We are offering over 20 varieties for pre-order right now. We’ve added an Information About Hops page and a Complete Hop Chart with descriptions, subs, uses etc. to our website. There are videos on info page explaining how to plant rhizomes including our two year old rhizomes. http://www.thymegarden.com/Rhizomes or http://www.thymegarden.com/Hop_Information

      Rolfe Hagen- The Thyme Garden

    12. Sorry about the delay. Yes you can grow hops in containers. If you want to keep the same plant year after year (they are perennials), you will need a large pot (5 gallon bucket size or bigger). If you want to plant new ones each year, you can get by with a smaller pot. Hope this helps.

    13. Joan zeglin says:

      Can you grow in a container….just for the beauty of plant, not for beer making? The plant is beautiful.

    14. […] hop rhizome vendors (and hop plant vendors) are already taking orders for this season.  Obviously here we can’t […]

    15. Grow Hops says:

      Robert, I will add your info to my “Where to Buy Hop Rhizomes” page. You do not have specifics on your website as to varieties or prices, but I will add what information that is provided on the website.


    16. Robert says:

      We have many varieties of hops, grown in small pots that are grown from virus tested stock.

    17. Grow Hops says:

      Pretty much any variety will do. I have had good luck with Cascade and Nugget for full bushy growth. Chinook are pretty prolific also. They will grow well in a 5 gallon or larger bucket or pot. They like lots of sun and you may have to train it to go where you want (just guide the bines in the directions you want them to go). Let us know how it turns out for you.

    18. Linda Totten says:

      I would like to grow a hop vine for the beauty.. not interested in making beer.. What variety would you reccomend for this.. Could I plant it up in a large pot to run on a fence?

      Thank you for your help.

    19. […] is a list of online hop rhizomes vendors (a couple even sell hop plants). http://growinghopsyourself.com/growing-hops/where-to-buy-hop-rhizomes/ The varieties you choose depend upon the styles you brew, but generally you want at least 1 aroma […]

    20. […] are A LOT more places online to order your rhizomes if you wish, but this should be enough to get you […]

    21. Cat,
      You can’t get Citra hop rhizomes because they are proprietary (patented) like Simcoe, Amarillo… You can only buy the finished product from the farm(s) that have been granted the right to grow this variety. Not sure, but I heard the patents are good for 20 years. If someone knows for sure, please chime in.

    22. I am wondering about where I can get a “Citra” hop rhyzome. I live on the California central coast. I don’t know if it is suitable for there or not. I had some of the most complex and delicious beer that I have ever tasted lately, and the brewer said he used a Citra hop.

    23. massimo moncini says:

      ok you have my email. i was looking for american hops rhizomes

      thanks a lot

    24. I am unaware of any vendor that sells internationally – due to strick import/export agricultural laws. If I find someone that will ship internationally, I will let you know.

    25. Massimo Moncini says:


      I would import in italy centennial rhizomes. Does somebody sell international?

      Thanks a lot

    26. I have read that you can. It doesn’t hurt to try. Some people bury the bines under 1 to 2 inches of soil and new shoots/bines will sprout from the buried hop bines. Hope this helps.

    27. sue67 says:

      Can you take clippings from existing hop plants and start a new plant?

    28. […] Where to Buy Hop Rhizomes  (growinghopsyourself.com) […]

    29. Mario,
      I simply blog about my experiences growing hops. I do not sell hop rhizomes or anything. You would have to work with the vendors directly, but I know there are import/export issues with agricultural products especially. If I come across any info that is helpful, I will provide that to you.

    30. Mario Celedón says:

      We want to import varieties of hops rhizomes from USA to Chile. We want to know if they make shipments in vitro rhizomes or know if they’ve other ways to ship because they can not enter here, for phytosanitary measures, in free form. How would we pay for plane and air freight.

      Cheers from Valdivia, Región de Los Ríos.

    31. Steve,
      You are not alone. I probably get asked about how to get these rhizomes the most. I hope they have heavy security because when I was younger and bolder – I would have found a way to acquire them (disclaimer – I am not advocating anyone illegally “acquire” these varieties). Perhaps out of the goodness of the owners hearts, they will someday sell these varieties to the public. We can only hope.

    32. steve says:

      I wish they could pry loose some Simcoe, Glacier, Warrior, Palisades, and Amarillo rhizomes. If I had my wish, these would be the 5 in my garden. Simcoe in particular for a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA clone.

    33. […] is a list of hop rhizome and hop plant vendors. __________________ Growing […]

    34. J says:

      Thanks for this!

    35. I noticed that Maybee is wondering about growing hops hydroponically. We have grown many different types of hops hydroponically. Both organic and non-organic. It’s really not too difficult if you already have a background in hydroponic hop growing. I have found that rhizomes will sprout readily in aeroponics and hydroponics. Maybe check out the website, I think my wife has put pictures of it on there.

      I also wanted to let people know that Northwest Hops is now offering, for the first time to the public, potted hops. We will be supplying cascade, centennial, nugget, and golding this year. We also have special virus free (Vf) hops if anyone is interested in having them propagated.

    36. JakeK says:

      I got full hops plants online on ebay from http://greatlakeshops.com. They have over 30 kinds. The full live plants are way easier to grow than starting with the rhizomes, for a little more money.

    37. T Anderson says:

      In the Seattle area Molbaks Garden center in Woodinville sells several different types of hop rhizomes including; Cascades, Saaz, Northern Brewer and Chinook.

    38. Not sure on the shortest hops variety. They are developing dwarf hops in England but none are for sale yet or approved for the USA. These grow 8 – 10 ft tall with about a 30% reduction in yield compared to their taller relatives. Hopefully they will be approved soon and not patented so as to prevent sale to individuals… Google “dwarf hops”

      The taller varieties will take what you give them for height and go horizontal or grow back down a bit – FYI.

    39. Maybee says:

      Any idea what the shortest variety of hops is? I know they are all tall, but they will be grown indoors hydoponically and even just a few feet shorter than normal is a big help..
      Thanks in advance for any suggestions

    40. I am not sure where you could buy hop rhizomes for Malaysia – there are strict import/export rules for plants. You would have to find a source from within your country – home brew supply stores, plant nursery… If you are just looking for hop cones, I would think they should be available at herb retailers, possibly health stores or online from vendors that do business within Malaysia. Hope this helps.

    41. kents says:

      i need to buy hops for my dad’s gout problem. please tell me where to buy and i live in malaysia. thanks

    42. Matt says:

      We have rhizomes freshly cut from our farm in Wisconsin. No need to pay retail price anymore.

    43. I have no direct knowledge of hops growing in the tropics, but they are a very hardy and adaptable plant. They are susceptible to various molds. Airflow around your hop bines help to alleviate this problem as well as stripping the lower 3 feet of of the bines of leaves.

    44. Conrado P. Cruz says:

      Does hops ( any variety) grow in the tropics?

    45. Jens,
      I am not sure what would be the best types of hops to grow in Norway. Noble hops? (European varieties). Anyway, I am a fellow Norwegian and wish you the best in you hop growing endeavor.

    46. Jens Ovrebust says:

      I live in the middle of Norway about 70km from the coast. What is the best kind of hopes to grow here. Thanks

    47. edgar says:

      thanks for the link to the hops seller I just started my hops garden and Im looking to add a few more varieties

    48. I don’t know. I will do some research and see if I can find out and I will let you know if I find something. You might want to check at any local homebrew supply store or local homebrew club – that would be your best bet – people who are actually successful at growing hops in the Atlanta area. Here is a couple links if you don’t know where to start:



    49. Corey says:

      I live in the south (just north of Atlanta near the mountains). The summers are brutal, which type of hop are best for hot weather? Thanks

    50. jb allen says:

      In answer to shottie’s question, I’ve Grown cascade, Northern brewer & Willamette here in the Cedar Rapids area with no problems. I assume that the other varieties will grow just as well…

    51. Stephen says:

      Choice Hop Rhizomes and the best prices. Don’t pay reseller markup! Family owned and operated Northwest Hops is your only rhizome connection.

    52. We offer hops and hop rhizomes. All product grown and obtained from generations old Willamette Valley, Oregon hop farms.

    53. […] to -35 below zero F where I live. Here is a list I compiled of where to buy hop rhizomes online: http://growinghopsyourself.com/growing-hops/where-to-buy-hop-rhizomes/ __________________ Growing […]

    54. I am not certain which hops do well in your area. If anyone from southeast Iowa can answer that, chime in. You might want to check with your local ag university or local homebrewers.

    55. shottie says:

      What are the best kind of hops to grow in southeast Iowa?

    56. Thanks Lisa! Thought I had that one in my list, they are a major player in brewing supplies…

    57. LisaQ says:

      I ordered my rhizomes from MidwestSupplies.com

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