Cascade hop sprouts finally break ground in Minnesota.

    Cascade Sprouts Break Ground

    Hop sprouts 2018 finally! My last post they were under 2 feet of snow (had not broken ground). This is the latest they had emerged that I can recall. I have had years where they broke ground and then were covered by snow but they seem to survive just fine.

    I just got back from Jamaica late Friday night so I am just getting around to posting about them. Not sure when they actually would

    Magnum hop sprouts having a late start due to a long Minnesota winter.

    Magnum Hop Sprouts

    have emerged because I still had them covered with leaves and grass. When I removed the mulch, they were there (albino white because they were blocked

    Nugget hop sprouts emerge after a long Minnesota winter

    Nugget Hop Sprouts After a Long MN Winter

    from the sun).

    I guess we’ll find out if they make up the late start or not. Every other year they reached the roof line (13 feet and 15 feet at the peak of my garage roof) by June 1st. If the weather stays warm and sunny, they should take off and make the roof line by June 1st – 32 days away.

    It reached 68 degrees today and sunny.  I uncovered them yesterday and they have already got color (green or red/purple) compared to their albino look when first uncovered.  The leaves and grass clipping mulch helps protect them from minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit and colder during the winter.  Snow would generally help insulate them but sometimes the wind will blow the snow away leaving the ground exposed.

    Here is a post from exactly 2 years ago and the hop bines were between 5 feet and 7 feet tall – April 29, 2016 Hop Bines.  That was  a typical hop bine growth year.  It shouldn’t be too long before we get there.

    Anyway, the growing season has officially started!  I should have something to report from here on through harvest.  Let us know how your hops are doing.  If you don’t know how, go here:  grow hops 







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