2010 Hop Sprouts Update


    Second year hops – hop sprout update.  My last post was April 8, 2010 and I had uncovered my hop sprouts because they were pushing up from under the leaf mulch.  I was waiting as long as I could because I am in zone 4 and frost free nights are over a month away.  That night:

    Subfreezing Hop Sprouts

    Hop Sprouts Survive Freezing

    The bottom right hand corner of the above pic shows the outside temperature of 27.9 degrees fahrenheit,  far enough below freezing to kill many plants.  They survived, no problem!  Hops are very hardy and established hop plants will survive.  I have friends that have lost newly planted hop rhizomes to freezing so I was a bit concerned – not to worry.  They went from albino buried hop sprouts to healthy hop bines.  Here are my Magnum hop sprouts (now hop bines), about 10 inches tall April 17, 2010.

    Hardy Magnum Hop Sprouts Thriving

    Magnum Hop Sprouts Survive Freezing Temps

    Newly planted hop rhizome sprouts may be susceptible  to freezing temps, not established second year hops.  At this rate, I am going to have an awesome harvest.  Barring a hard freeze, these hop bines will thrive!  I love growing hops!

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    1. Robin,
      You will love growing hops. Sounds like you are prepared for next year’s hop planting. That’s great you have prepared your hop bed already. I don’t know if you got that tip from me or not, but that will give your hops an advantage and you may end up with a sizable first year hop harvest like I did. You’re welcome – I enjoy growing hops and this became my first hobby blog – I am learning a lot about how to grow hops and blogging. Congrats on becoming one of us and the best of luck to you and your husband.

      Tip – Do not wait too long to order your rhizomes in the spring, they sell out fast. You can pre-order on many sites. Here is a list of online websites of where to buy hop rhizomes

    2. Robin says:

      I am so excited. We have just finished preparing our hop bed for planting in the Spring of 2011. We will need to set up the trellis system, rig up the chicken wire to keep the rabbits out and of course choose and plant the rhizomes. My husband home brews and I’ll grow at least some of the hops he uses. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and including pictures. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

    3. Cyrious says:

      I live here in AZ and my wife bought me some Galena Rhizomes this year. I planted them April 8th, 2010 and one is up to 8′ in height! Thank goodness for cooler temps so far this year and automatic drip watering! I also planted it on the north side of the house but along the fence (6 feet from house) I ran nylon twine from the fence bottom to the awning of the house. Attached it with a simple ceiling hook. The second rhizome is about 3 feet tall and has several shoots. We are getting into the 100+ temps so I hope it survives!

    4. Hop Mama,
      Your husband doesn’t know how lucky he is (at least as far as your hop fetish goes!). Hopefully he will come around. I would love to see some pics of the rigging you have going. I am always looking for different and better ways to rig or trellis hops. I wish you well in your hop endeavors! Hop on!

    5. I am not sure on Argentina’s importation rules. I am not aware of any US hop vendors that ship out of the country either. If I find any information on this, I will post it. I hope you find some!

    6. Mary,
      I am not sure on the best way to identify hops. The question has come up several times and if I find some good info on identifying hops, I will post something on it. Any way to get a hold of the previous owner(if they were the ones that planted them or were told what they were)? I will see if I come across some worthy info on identifying hop varieties. Anyone else have any suggestions on identifying hops?

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