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    2011 Upper Mississippi Mash-Out 2nd Place US IPA!

    My hops were in the 2nd place winner for the US IPA category.

    Upper Mississippi Mash-Out Home Brew Competition

    Award winning hops from the 2010 growing season!  Ok, my friend Brad Nordine is the brew meister here that took 2nd place in the 10th annual Upper Mississippi Mash-Out (UMMO), category 14 – US IPA!  The competition was this past weekend (January 28th and 29th, 2011).  This competition is the 2nd largest in the nation!  My Magnum hops were used for bittering and he used his Chinook hops for aroma (yes, they are also a bittering hop).  See, you can make award winning beers and ales from homegrown hops!  I had one of his award winning US IPAs and it was awesome!

    Brad has been brewing for several years now and getting better and better each year.  He has got quite a setup for his all grain beer and ale making.  He has tackled many different styles successfully and is a true connoisseur.  When he recommends something, I go buy it.  I happily offer my services as a taste tester for any of his creations.  If you are in the Minnesota twin cities area, you have seen him at beer events.  He is the one that turned me onto Surly when they were an unknown upstart – now Surly Brewing has a hard time keeping up with demand – congrats on 5 years Omar, Todd and staff!

    There is not much to write about this time of year (maybe I should be in Australia or New Zealand writing about hops?), so when Brad told me he took second place and my hops were involved, I figured I would put this together.  Check out the Upper Mississippi Mash-Out website and consider attending (maybe even entering) next year.  You can see Brad’s entry here:

    2011 Upper Mississippi Mash-Out – Category 14 – US IPA

    Brad deserves all the credit here but he doesn’t have a website or blog for me to plug.  His wife Julie does some amazing custom glass work so checkout her site (Valentine’s day is around the corner).  She also makes custom glass handled beer openers!

    Julie Nordine – Credit River Art Glass – Tell her Tony sent you.

    The moral of the story here is – you can make amazing beers and ales using homegrown hops.  If you are not growing hops, why not?  If you have the space and the climate – just do it.

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    1. Greg says:

      I was curious if you had any specific information for the “setup for his all grain beer and ale making”. I’m just getting into all grain brewing and any information on great setups would be helpful. Thanks.

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