Hop Burrs Hop Cones

    Cascade hop burrs and hop cones

    Hop Burrs Hop Cones

    August 1st hops update.  The Cascade hops are mostly hop cones with a lesser amount of hop burrs.  The Magnum are smaller cones and more hop burrs than the Cascade right now.   Hop harvest will be in about a month I think.

    Last year the Cascade and Magnum hops were ready to harvest at the same time.   At this point, the Magnum are trailing the Cascade.  I would rather harvest them separately anyway – it’s a lot of work.

    The Nugget hops are barely hop burrs at this point.  They trailed the other hops by 2 weeks last year so no surprise there.  I am anxious to see how much more my hop harvest will be this year.  I am hoping for double last year’s. 

    Pictured below is my 1st year container Fuggle hops and my second year hops.  Left to right they are Fuggle, Nugget, Magnum and Cascade.  Maybe one more update before harvest if I have time.  So far, so good!

    Container Fuggle hop bines.

    Fuggle Bines

    The hops are forming hop burrs and hop cones.

    Hop Burrs Hop Cones

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    1. Grant,
      There is nothing you need to do to promote flowering when growing hops. They are pretty low maintenance. I believe the flowering is triggered by the hours of daylight – the shortening daylight hours. In the northern hemisphere, it is after June 21st. I am guessing December 21st is the summer equinox for the southern hemisphere and you should see hop burrs forming around or shortly after that. Don’t worry, you will see hop cones forming shortly. First year hops sometimes do not produce many hop cones – I was fortunate and had a good first year harvest. Worst case scenario is the second year harvest should rock – if not, check soil PH and adjust as needed (usually not necessary). Best of luck and keep us posted on your experiences.

    2. Grant says:

      Is there anything you have to do to promote flowering in hops? I’m a first time grower
      and my vines are getting pretty big!!! (southern hemisphere)

    3. Chris says:

      Any updates? Like to see your harvest and drying methods.

    4. Mike says:

      I’m doing Fuggles in a container too (as well as Cascade & Centennial in the ground). They all seem to be doing pretty well for first-year hops. The interesting thing is that the Fuggles has 10-12 cones per “leaf node” (pair of leaves, not sure what you would call it), while the other two only have a pair of cones per pair of leaves. They’re even starting to get that hop smell! Pretty cool.

    5. Being that I have only brewed twice I really know nothing about this process besides just dumping it in there, if I am assuming correctly.

      I don’t go to many beer shows but I used to frequent Town Hall a lot before my commute changed.

    6. Stuart, Pretty sure I know a guy that has done this. I have an email out to him or if we cross paths today I’ll stop him (we work at the same place). Anything in particular you need to know about wet hopping? I am pretty sure it takes quite a bit more than dry hops to achieve the same IBUs, aroma… This guy is an incredible home brewer (and hop grower) that has far surpassed my abilities and knowledge.

      We have probably crossed paths at Surly / Surlyfest, Town Hall, Barley John’s, beer shows…

    7. Looking good. I got some pretty nice cones going myself but it is nothing like what you have when it comes to the size of your vines. I’ll probably have enough for 1 dry hop, that will work for me, I was thinking of attempting a wet hop, from vine to the carboy, know of anyone who has done this?

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