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    Hop Burrs August 2012 Update

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    Hops are forming on the bines.

    Hop Burr Explosion


    Hop burrs are taking over the hop bines again.  The Hot weather had produced some early hop cones (far too early in the season), but the bines are now showing a normal hop burr explosion for this time of year.  I was worried about this years hop harvest as I have not experienced such early hop cone production before.

    Nature has a way of correcting or adapting itself for survival and has done it again.  It is looking like another banner year for hops production. This is year 4 and other than another touch of a boron deficiency, the hops are healthy and trying to take over the side of my garage.

    I have had to trim the hop rhizomes as hop sprouts were popping up 2 to 4 feet away from the crown.  I have been constantly cutting new hop shoots and bines as I have all my 3 ropes can support (I over spected the ropes with nylon – they ropes can handle the weight, just not support healthy growth as 5 bines per rope is already pushing it – normally 3 bines per rope is optimal).

    The weather here has cooled down and the hops seem to like it.  Let’s see how this hot summer affects the hop harvest this year.


    Pic of hop burrs.

    Nugget Hop Burrs, Soon to be Hop Cones.


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