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    Where to Buy Hop Rhizomes

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    Where to Buy Hop Rhizomes

    Updated for 2017 – Where to buy hop rhizomes and hop plants.

    Most hops rhizomes ship in March.  Order now so you don’t miss out!

    I have been asked over and over so I figure I would just put together a post and answer the question of where to buy hop rhizomes online.  I got my 2009 hop rhizomes from a local homebrew store Northern Brewer (ordered online even though they are local – still 20 mile drive).  As it turns out, they get their hop rhizomes from  You might as well go straight to and cut out the middleman.

    You can sometimes find a local homebrew shop or hop grower selling rhizomes. Generally, online buying is more convenient, better selection and you can compare shop.  Don’t forget friends and other local hop growing enthusiasts, they may be willing to part with some rhizomes.  Barter a couple of homebrews to your friends that are growing hops for some hop rhizomes!

    There is still plenty of time to order and get some hop rhizomes or plants in the ground.  Yes, some of these sites sell hop plants which will give you a bit of a head start.  If one of these vendors is sold out, try the next one.

    It’s 2017  Let’s Do It Again!

    Where to Buy Hop Rhizomes Online:

   – AIH, Adventures in Homebrewing – great prices. The Thyme Garden has been growing hops for over thirty years organically. We are offering over 20 varieties for pre-order right now. We’ve added an Information About Hops page and a Complete Hop Chart with descriptions, subs, uses etc. to our website. There are videos on info page explaining how to plant rhizomes including our two year old rhizomes. – Commercial orders only – We offer hops and hop rhizomes. All product grown and obtained from generations old Willamette Valley, Oregon hop farms. – 53 varieties of hop plants 48 US states (Hop Plants lots of 6 to 100+)

    RNV Enterprises Yakima Valley – <== Canada Hop Rhizomes <== Hop plants


    There are more hop rhizome sources, this is what I found Googling “buy hop rhizomes” and supplied links from readers.  If anyone has a hop rhizome vendor they have used and are happy with, let me know and I will include it in this list.  There you have it, not much time left to get your hop rhizomes planted for the 2009 growing season(now 2010).


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