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    Nugget, Magnum and Cascade hop bines all reached the toip of their ropes.

    All 3 Hop Bines Topped Out

    Due to lack of sunshine, my original prediction of May 15th as the day the hops would top out was actually May 19th. The Nugget hops topped out (13 ft) by the 15th, the Magnum (15 ft) and Cascade bines (13ft) came later. It has been colder than average (AGAIN), sure could use some of that global warming they keep blabbing about. Just hoping for a “normal” or a warmer than normal summer for a change (it has been many years).

    Last night I painted the boards that form the peak that you see. As usual, I had to knock down a wasp honeycomb and wasps that was the start of a bee hive. I did it up on the ladder with the paint scraper, my head about 2 feet away. Maybe not the smartest thing to do, but I knock these down probably a dozen times a year before they become full fledged hives. They complicate harvesting when you have the thought you could be stung at any time.

    The hops all look healthy. I have supplemented the soil with a top dressing of compost I make, Azomite (mineral supplement), fish emulsion/kelp fertilizer and 2 foliar feedings of Miracle Gro. They should be good for the rest of the growing season unless we get some massive rainfalls that leach out the soil nutrients (so far we are below normal rainfalls). I have watered the hops 3 times so far this year – they are well established and don’t require the almost daily watering when you first plant them.

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