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    Magnum hop bines reach 5 feet tall in a month.

    Magnum Hop Bines Reach 5 Feet Tall in 1 Month

    It took about a month to go from hop sprouts breaking ground, to 5 foot tall Magnum hop bines.  On a warm sunny day, they easily grow six inches in a day now.  Unfortunately, it is supposed to be unseasonably cold for the next 2 weeks, cloudy, raining and snow.  Not  very conducive to growing hops.

    They will survive but growth will be slow during the below average temps (freezing temperatures some of the upcoming nights).  These bines will reach the tops of there ropes – 13  to 15 feet tall.

    If you notice the 2, foot tall bines against the wall, that is hops spreading via rhizomes.  The rhizomes spread away from the crown at or usually just below the surface.  They will set their own roots and become new hop crowns if I don’t dig them up.

    I will dig them up, otherwise they will take over the yard.  I just dig a circle about 18 inches in diameter around the main root stock or crown, then pull up the rhizomes on the outside of the circle.  You have to do this every year or two.

    The rhizomes and small bines can be planted where you wish.  If you don’t need or want them, give them to friends, family, coworkers, local home brew clubs…  Someone can use them.  Maybe trade for some homebrew.  IMPORTANT – make sure to label the variety if you have more than one – it can be difficult to tell them apart.

    Just wrap the rhizomes in damp (not wet) paper towels and put them in plastic bags (labeled).  If you need to store them for up to a week, place them in the refrigerator.

    I top dressed the soil with compost and sprinkled Azomite (mineral fertilizer) to help feed these hops.  I watered the area so the Azomite soaked into the compost and soil.  I will do this a couple more times this year to feed and mulch out grass and weeds.  I also use kelp and emulsified fish for fertilizer (organic).


    Top dressed the soil with compost and Azomite.

    Top Dressed With Compost + Azomite
















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