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    Hop Burrs and Cones

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    These hop cones will at least double in size before they are ready to harvest.

    Baby Cascade Hop Cones Should Double In Size.

    Now we are getting closer to our goal, hop burrs and hop cones.  The Nugget hops are in the hop burr stage and the Magnum are in the lead with the larger hops yet the Cascade has the most hop cones.  In the past the Cascade and Magnum mature about the same time and the Nugget are always a couple weeks behind.  That works for me because I don’t have to harvest all 3 at the same time.

    It takes one person a couple hours to harvest one bine so I wouldn’t want to spend six hours straight picking hops.

    These Nugget hops are in the burr stage.

    Nugget Hop Burrs

    Sometimes I have help but then you have to help harvest your helpers hops so it really saves you no time (especially since my friend that helps has 10 times the amount of hop bines as me).  It is a great homebrew bonding thing but I am usually pressed for time.

    This is a pastime and not a career for me.  Besides, it is probably cheaper to buy hops than my time is worth.  It is not about the money though, it’s the whole experience.  It is always good to have control of your supply in case of another hop shortage like in 2007 (if I remember correctly).  Growing your own hops also gives you the option of  wet hop brewing (brewing with fresh, undried hops).  Aside from the aspect of saving money (or not), they are just fun to watch grow.

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