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    Hoppy Beer-Ale

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    Ok, I am an IPA guy.  I love hops!  If you dig hops like I do, you wait anxiously every year like I do for the annual release of Hopslam from Bells

    Hop Slam Hoppy Ale

    One of the Hoppiest Ales Ever

    brewery.  Last year, I was not impressed – maybe it was a fluke and I received an abused six pack.  (allowed to get warm/light stuck, whatever).  Anyway, by the time I had a chance to give them a second chance – it was sold out.  This stuff is usually that amazing that it sells out in record time, even at $17 a six pack.

    Anyway, if you love hops, you must try this at least once.  This is not for pussies – sorry for the truth, but, this is hoppy as shit and at 10% alcohol, not for the weak.  THIS IS THE BEER/ALE I STRIVE FOR.  Right now – go out and buy this – at least once in your life.  If you cannot acquire Hopslam in season, buy Surly Furious.  Talk about a manly friken ale –  definitely separates the men from the boys.  Surly Furious IS MY IPA OF CHOICE.  Most are not manly enough to handle it at 100 IBU.  If you are a man and appreciate real fricken ale (or a female that can hang with the big boys and/or shame the girly men) – THIS IS THE SHIT!

    Alright, you know where I am coming from.  Man up and see if you can hang with the big boys and girls.  Try Hopslam and Surly Furious and be taken away by a hoppy, heavenly tongue tingling, hop heaven.  This is the epitome of the hop experience!  Hop on!

    Surly Furious

    Surly Furious

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