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    Hop Bines Humulus Lupulus

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    Hop bines – Humulus Lupulus (not hop vines) are taking off now.  Growing at a rate of 3 to 6 inches a day.  7 days ago the Nugget hops were 7 feet tall – the Magnum hops were 5 feet tall and the Cascade hops were 6 feet tall.

    Cascade Hop Bines

    Cascade Hop Bines Gaining Ground

    1 week later Nugget hop bines are just over 10 feet, Magnum hop bines are 7 feet tall and the Cascade hop bines are 9 foot 6 inches.  In 7 days the Nugget hops grew 3 feet (5 inches a day), Magnum hops grew 2 feet (over 3 inches a day) and the Cascade hops grew 3 foot six inches (6 inches a day)!  This is the fun part of growing hops!

    The vertical growth should continue at this pace or better and the bines should soon fill in with side shoots and hop cones!  The hop flowers or hop cones are the end product we are after.  Watching the hops bines grow is the fun part.  I have not had to lower the bines yet (soon) as they reach the top of the rope/pulley of the hop rigging.  I still need to get some hose hangers or similar contraption to loop the bines on to allow more vertical space for the hop bines to grow.

    Magnum Hops are Slower to Start

    Magnum Hops are Slower to Start

    I mentioned on an ealier post that I spotted a posting on an interesting concept, a upward spiral.  I don’t know if the bines would need to be constantly trained or if they would follow the spiral.  I imagine there is a magic number of the angle of the rope where the bines would wrap around the rope without daily training.  Too slow of a rise and the bine would attempt to grow straight up.  I will experiment with this concept next year.

    This years pulley rigged ropes with a slight angle is doing great.  No sense in messing with perfection.  The Nugget bines are within 2 feet of reaching the top so I better start shopping for

    hose racks.

    Nugget Hop Bines in First Place

    Nugget Hop Bines in First Place

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