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    Showing signs of a boron deficiency.Boron deficiency plant disorder

    Signs of a Deficiency

    It started to happen again except this time I knew what to do and reacted fast.  Another boron deficiency of my Magnum hops started to show by the mis-shaped, deformed leaves.  Luckily I caught it fast, before the tips of the hop bines died off and substantial damage to the hop plant.

    This micro-nutrient deficit causes the leaves to curl or in a more severe deficiency, major deformity of leaves and death of the plant.  The tips of the bines will die off first and if left untreated the whole plant will die.  The picture below is from last year’s boron deficiency when I almost lost this hop plant.

    Treat The Deficiency

    I sprayed the bines with Bonide Liquid Iron as it also contains boron – the only product I have found so far that lists boron on it’s label.  I was told by someone that Miracle-Gro contains boron, but I have not been able to verify that.  As you can see, this years leaves did not get to the point of last years because I acted sooner as I knew what the symptoms of boron deficiency look like.

    Severe hops boron deficiency

    Severe Hops Boron Deficiency - 2011








    The mis-shaped leaves do not get worse, but do not normalize in appearance as the deficiency alters the cellular structure of the leaves.  So far it looks like the plant will survive with little deformity.  All the newer leaves are normal looking.  Here is the label from the Bonide Liquid Iron and Micronutrients that has saved my Magnum hops 2 years in a row now.

    Ingredient list for Bonide Liquid Iron

    Bonide Liquid Iron Ingredients

    Arm Yourself With Knowledge of Deficiencies

    Hopefully this will not happen to you, but I hope this info helps anyone that does experience this.  I had to try at least 4 garden centers before I found anything with boron in it.  So far it is the only product I have found that contains boron (and other necessary micronutrients).  There may be other products to treat hops boron deficiency, but I have not found them yet.

    Label of Bonide Liquid Iron and micronutrients.

    Will Save Hops From Boron Deficiency

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