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    Cascade hop cones on the bine, weeks away from harvest.

    Cascade Hop Cones

    September 2011 hops update – approximately 2 weeks before harvest.  The hop cones are getting big and plentiful.  They are still wet and cool feeling when they are squeezed and do not compress much when squeezed – in other words they are still wet and not ready to harvest.

    Hops should be fairly dried out on the bine before harvest.  When they are dry (relatively speaking – they still require additional drying once harvested), you should be able to almost squeeze them flat without much resistance.  They should feel “papery” and light and spring back to the size they were before you squeezed them.

    This has been a weird growing season in the Minneapolis, Mn area where I am located.  A cold, wet  spring and hot, humid and wet summer.  By the looks of the hop bines and cones compared to last year’s pictures, it will be a comparable hop cone harvest.  Probably light on the Magnum hops due to the boron deficiency experienced earlier in the year (see previous posts).

    Magnum hop cones on the bines.

    Magnum Hop Cones

    Nugget hop cones on the bine.

    Nugget Hop Cones

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