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    So far this year, here in Minnesota we have been ripped off out of a spring.  Cloudy, cold and rainy almost every day, not to mention 4 inches of snow in May.  Despite the lack of sunshine, the hops are almost on schedule for growth for a “normal season”.  Generally the hops top out by June 1st.  Last year was an early spring and the hops were at where they are now by May 6th.


    June 1st the Nugget hops topped their rope, the Magnum and Cascade hop bines are not far behind.

    June 1st Hop Bine Status

    A few days of sunshine and they will all be topped out and start filling in (bush out).  They are all sending out laterals (branches) and will fill out substantially.  Hopefully a better harvest than last year (about half of what it should have been).  Let’s hope for a more normal growing season and harvest.  The hops are healthy with big leaves – up to a foot across!  I am about to top dress the soil with some more compost that is almost ready (I make my own).


    I just wanted to give you an update as to where they are at.  June 1st is a benchmark date for a “normal” topping out of the ropes and a good indicator of general health and productivity.  I hope those of you that are growing hops are having success.  Leave a comment and let us know how you are doing.

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