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    Early June 2016 Hops Update

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    Just a quick pic of how the hops are doing.  All sending out lengthy laterals, trying to intermingle –

    Nugget, Magnum and Cascades on June 4th.

    June 4th Hop Bines

    that’s not happening as they are three separate varieties – Nugget, Magnum and Cascade hops.  Once they intermingle, you can’t separate the cones at harvest time.  You end up with a mix of bittering and aroma hops.  You will never be able to duplicate a recipe because you don’t know the ratios.

    Best to keep them separate.  I have to take a long pole and train the laterals to stay on their own bines.  I just wrap them around their own kind.

    If we get a week of straight sunshine, there should be some serious filling out.  My Cascades are on the far right, the spindliest of the three.  They could really use some filling out.




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