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    Nugget Hops Harvest 2010

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    Nugget hop bine picture

    Nugget Hop Bines

    Nugget hops harvest – September 18th I harvested the Nugget hops.  Two Weeks after the Cascade, Magnum and Fuggle hops.  Same as last year – 2 weeks after my other hops were ready and harvested.  I had three bines on this one rope and harvested exactly one kilo or 2.2 pounds of wet hops.  They are really not that wet as they have dried somewhat on the bines.

    Last years Nugget hop cone harvest was 1.3 pounds – 70% more than last years first year hop harvest.

    Nugget hop harvest in a paper grocery bag.

    Nugget Hop Harvest

    Generally hops dry out to end up at 20 to 25% of the wet hop weight.  If that holds true for this batch, I will end up with .44 to .55 pounds of dry hops.  Splitting the difference, I will end up with about 8 ounces of dry Nugget hops.

    These are currently drying in my living room under the ceiling fan.  The temperature and humidity is down this year.  Last year they dried while we still had the air conditioning running.  This September here in Minnesota is below average (have not even hit 80 degrees this month – must be global warming).

    Nugget hop cones drying

    Nugget Hop Cones Drying

    That’s it for the 2010 hop season.  I may update some posts or come up with some new ideas for the hop garden I may run past y’all (for my southern friends).  2010 was a great year for hops – for me and my Minnesota friends anyway.  I look forward to your comments and ideas.  I hope you all had a great hop harvest yourselves.  If you are not growing beer hops, you should be – it’s easy and they are fun to watch grow.  Prepare your soil now for next year – go back quite a few posts and I explain how I prepared the soil.  My southern hemisphere friends,  you must be coming up on your spring – best of luck to you.


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