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    It took less than a month from hop sprouts breaking ground to reaching the top of their ropes (13 feet and 15 feet at the center peak (Magnum hops)).  About 25 days which is a little bit faster than normal.  We are currently having some hot and sunny days so the hops should fill out in no time.

    Nugget Magnum and Cascade hop bines

    Hops Top Their Ropes in Less Than a Month

    I have taken on a significant landscaping of my front yard which has taken all of my spare time.  I apologize for not giving weekly updates, especially when they are growing about 4 feet a week.  Week 1 after sprouts broke ground – almost 3 feet of hop bine growth.  Week 2 about 4 feet of bine growth.  Week 3 about 5 foot gain.  Week 4 they topped their ropes about half way though the week.



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