Hops Have a Late Start In Minnesota 2018


    Sorry I haven’t posted any hops status yet this year, we are having a winter from hell so far. We had a blizzard yesterday and 16 inches of snow. Another 2 to 5 inches of snow are to fall today :(. We are supposed to get 2 more snow falls by next Saturday. On top of that, we are suposed to set a new record low high temp today! I am really getting tired of this winter.

    Hop crowns buried under 2 feet of snow on April 15th.

    Hops Under 2 Feet of Snow

    Other years, I would have hop sprouts broken the ground by now and some years, the hop shoots would be a foot tall by now. It will probably be a couple weeks before any progress here. I hope you all are having a better hop growing season than me.

    Hop updates as soon as they happen (hopefully before summer, if we have one).

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