Hops Pillow To Help You Sleep

    Hops pillow for relaxation, de-stressing and to help sleep.

    Blue Moon Hop Pillow from Black Creek Hops on Etsy.com

    A hops pillow can help you relax, de-stress and sleep.  People ask me all the time what can hops be used for other than brewing beer and ales.  There are many uses for hops, as an herbal relaxation remedy, they have been used for thousands of years by herbalists and natural healers.  Just smelling hops relaxes you and can make you sleepy, making them a great sleep aid.  Hops are one of the more powerful relaxing herbs there are.

    When we say hops pillow, it is not a full sized pillow, it is a small breathable bag or sachet filled with hops.  Muslin bags work well for these – just fill one with fresh or recently harvested hops or well preserved hops. You can place this under your pillow or near your head where you sleep.  Take a few whiffs and drift off into a relaxing sleep.  Hops are aromatic and quite pleasant to smell.  If you wish, you can add other relaxing herbs to your pillow like Lavender and Chamomile.  Personally I don’t like too much flowery scents, I prefer the smell of hops, but that is up to you.

    If you grow your own hops, you will have more hops than you could personally use for hop pillows.  You can give them away as gifts, or to family or friends that are having problems sleeping.  It is a great, drug free way to fall asleep.  Great for calming down, relaxing and de-stressing too!  If something gets you worked up, sit down and take some deep, de-stressing breaths and center yourself.  It can help get you into deep meditative state sooner.  If you just want to buy a hop pillow instead of making your own, stop by http://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackCreekHops

    It is not the growing season here this time of year so I figured I would write about something hops related that might interest some additional folks.  There is a lot more to hops than just beer.  They also make a great relaxing tea, great looking and smelling cover plants for arbors, pergolas, gazebos, privacy fences, hop bine wreaths and other natural crafts.  I will probably write something on each of these uses also until I can start writing about actually growing and caring for hops when the season begins.

    There are some good selling points to get your significant other to warm up to the idea of growing hops if they are hesitant or against it for some reason.  Just make it a win-win for all involved.  They are very cool and fast growing plants that are fun to watch grow.  So guys or gals, make a hops pillow for your mate and sell them on the benefits of growing hops!

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