Hops Wreath and Other Hops Crafts


    A hops wreath is one of the crafts you can make from your hops garden.  The hop bines (yes bines, not vines) can be used for any project that uses flexible and fibrous vines or bines.  Hop

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    Make or Buy a Hops Wreath

    plants are a relative of hemp plants which have been used for thousands of years for making rope and other strong fibrous fabrics, twine, rope…  A single hop plant can produce dozens of bines after a few years.

    Hops are easy to grow.  All they require is fertile, well draining soil, sunlight, water and preferably vertical space to grow (10 to 20 feet high if possible).  Many do have success growing horizontally along fences – it is harder to harvest this way.  The easiest way to grow hops and harvest them is to use twine or rope for them to climb.  I use a pulley system which makes harvest easy and from the ground – no ladder required after the pulleys are mounted to a building, pole, tree or other structure.  Check out the sitemap at the top of this blog for more articles on how to grow hops.

    You can make a hops wreath with or without the foliage depending upon the look you are after.  Making a wreath with foliage is a bit trickier but doable.  You just wrap the bines around a form, usually a circle made of wood or wire, anything your imagination can come up with.  Of coarse you can use any shape you wish – a heart, triangle, animal shape, just about anything you can think of.  There is no one way to do this, just go with it. The pictured hops wreath above is for sale from Amazon for $200. Maybe you could sell your own creations?

    As far as other crafts made of hops, you can make any shaped craft other than a traditional wreath.  Make a person, an animal, scarecrow, or anything your mind can come up with.  You can make a relaxing hop tea or tincture out of the hop cones.  A relaxing hop pillow is another simple project made out of hop cones – they work amazingly at relaxing and helping you to fall asleep quickly – a great drug-free insomnia treatment!

    If you are looking for instructional material on making hops wreaths, just Google it, search on Youtube, check on Pinterest and other craft websites.  You can use hops for many things, not just making beers and ales.  Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.  You might surprise yourself what you can do with the hop bines that are usually thrown away by folks that grow hops for home brewing.  Find a home brewer or start your own hop garden to supply your new found love of hops wreath crafting with hop bines and hop cones.

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    1. Debi,
      Hops are good for so many things as you know. You will really like watching them grow. Welcome to the hop growing community!

    2. Debi says:

      In my past life I owned a floral and interior decorating business. Once a florist always a florist and now find this article very exciting. I have been using my “pinchings” for greenery in floral arrangements. The greenery lasts a long time in the floral foam and give such a natural clean look. Am now very excited to plant my hops outside and using the growth for wreaths, pillows, tinctures etc as I am not the biggest of beer drinkers!

    3. Deb,
      Glad I could help.
      Happy hopping!

    4. We finally got to the page to purchase Rhizomes and now I am more excited than ever for Frank to start another “Gardening” experience. I make wreaths as a hobby so this will be a win win for both of us.
      Thank-you for answering our E-Mails and directing us.

    5. Jean, I myself have never made a hop wreath. I simply listed it as a use for hops. I would Google “how to make a hop wreath”(without the double quotes) and you should get many results on how to make them.

    6. Jean Hawtin says:

      I would like to make a hop wreath to enter into an Autumn competition.
      Can you give me any tips please.
      Jean Hawtin

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