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    Cascade Hop Cone Harvest 2015

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    A large Cascade hop cone.

    Cascade Hop Cone

    I actually harvested about half of the Cascade hops last weekend with the Magnum harvest and re-raised the bines. Many of the hop cones were small so I left them on the bines and gave them another week to grow. Unfortunatly it was rainy, cloudy and 20 degrees below normal for 4 of those days in between. The cones did grow some so it was worth it.

    I harvested 1.4 pounds of Cascade hops last week and another .8 pounds today for a total of 2.2 pounds (a kilo). I apparently damaged some branches and a bunch turned brown (maybe 10%). The majority continued to grow.

    I did not see any infestations of bugs, just a couple small spiders and a tree frog. I always find at least one frog hanging out in the bines. Hopefully eating any insects they find.

    I still have my Nugget hops to harvest. They will take one or two more weeks until they will be ready to pick. The Nugget bines are the fullest vegetation wise. They should provide at least as many hops as the Cascade bines have.

    I have used the same rope for the last 7 years and leave it up year round. The ropes are starting to show wear but I should be able to use them a couple more years. I used 1/4 diameter nylon rope with a pulley mounted under the roof and a tie cleat mounted to the side of my garage for each rope so I can lower and raise the bines for harvesting.

    A bag full of Cascade hop cones.

    Cascade Hop Cone Harvest

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