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    New hop varieties are being developed for flavor characteristics and climate tolerance.  I have read of varieties being developed in Florida, Arizona and Southern California – well out of the 35 to 55 degree latitude of the general hops growing regions of the northern hemisphere.  Same applies to the southern hemisphere.

    New hops for extreme climates., heat and humidity.

    New Hops for Extreme Climates.

    4 New hop Varieties


    New hop varieties are reinvigorating your favorite beer styles; just add these four to the list of hops you ought to know:


    Taste familiar? This Australian hop has orange and resiny notes like the American Columbus variety, plus soft apricot and dank earthiness. Try: Starr Hill Grateful Pale Ale


    This American variety exudes pear, grapefruit, lemon and earthy tea notes. Try: Rising Tide Zephyr IPA


    A headlining hop hailing from Australia, Galaxy bursts with tropical passion fruit and grapefruit. Try: GoodLife Sweet As! Pacific Ale (a pale ale)


    One of the trendiest U.S.-grown hops right now, Mosaic lends beer bright, juicy tangerine, pineapple and floral notes. Try: Terrapin Mosaic rye IPA

    Heat Tolerant Hops

    The southern United States of America don’t want to be left out of the locally grown, locally brewed craft brew trade.  Southern universities Agricultural units are busy developing heat and humidity tolerant varieties of hops so there states may participate in the craft brew boom.

    ABC Action News

    WIMAUMA, Fla. — You can call Dr. Shinsuke Agehara “the hops whisperer.”

    Tampa Bay area breweries challenged the University of Florida plant physiologist to grow 800 hops plants in the Sunshine State, specifically in a patch of field in Wimauma.

    That is a tricky task considering hops are grown in the Pacific Northwest, where the climate and longer daylight hours during the summer are crucial to cultivating beer’s main ingredient.

    “We have to overcome some challenges, and environment is one of them,” says Shinsuke.

    Los Angeles (from

    And speaking of the game-day experience, they’re now growing hops, too, and they’ve begun to let local microbreweries linked to the team to experiment with them. By next year, Wilson thinks they’ll be growing enough hops to allow those brewers to create Galaxy-themed beers. Cheers, then, to the garden coming full circle in 2018.

    Arizona Hops and Vines

    Arizona Desert Hops

    Previously, these were too extreme climates to grow hops.  Now they are hybriding hops to handle the high heat and/or high humidity.  There is hope for everyone to grow hops and for locally grown craft beers and ales.  Never give up, new hops are coming!


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