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    Cascade Hops Harvest 2013

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    Cascade hop cone cut in half showing the yellow lupulin.

    Hop Cone Cut In Half – Yellow Lupulin showing

    The Cascade hop cones are just shy of being ready to pick but I have the time and a break from 95 degree temps and high humidity.  Cloud cover and temps in the low 80s make it an opportune time to pick hops this Sunday September 8th 2013.  I am just getting around to writing about it (another time thing).

    Another strange growing season.  Heavy rains in the spring and temps all over the place.  August and early September have been hot and dry.  I water every other day (when it doesn’t rain) so I don’t have to worry about drought.  The heavy rains early leached a lot of the organic nutrients out of the soil and I will have to put on a thick layer of compost to make up for it – probly some kelp also for minerals.

    Anyway, I ended up with a kilo of wet hops – 2.2 pounds from my one Cascade hop plant.  It took about 2 hours to pick by myself (about a cigar and a half and 4 beers – IPA of course).

    This year I am making my wife happy and drying the hops in the basement under the ceiling fan and air conditioning (low humidity).  Past years I dried them in our living room under that ceiling fan.  Since school is in and the youngest also has a job, the basement is an option now.  It used to be a gaming room with an Xbox, some retro game systems and a couple of computers for gaming.  Getting closer to an empty nest!


    A Kilo of Cascade Hop Cones – 2.2 Pounds Wet

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